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We are a French, Creole and English speaking church located in Atlanta GA. We have been serving the community since 1990. Currently we have about 200 members worshiping together. We are youth oriented church with 65% of our members within the age of 15-35. Our church fosters a great sense of community and fellowship. Our programs provide the greatest opportunity for the young people to participate in the service of our God. Our church is known for its friendly atmosphere and its lively worship. Ebenezer is a symbol of unity between the young generation and the older generation working together to make a difference in our community.

our congregation is under the South Atlantic Conference leadership. We are under the guidance of Pastor Nathanael Gracia since January 2012. Pastor Nathanael Gracia is an Ordained Minister  who has recently served as Ministerial secretary and prayer coordinator for the North Jamaica Conference of SDA. Pastor Gracia was born in Port au prince, Haiti from an Adventist Family.


Pastor Nathanael Gracia

In 1994 he was enrolled at the Adventist University of Haiti where he studied Theology and Education with emphasis on History and Social Studies. In 1999 he Migrated to Jamaica where he obtained in 2001 a Bachelor degree in Religion at West Indies College Jamaica. 

In 2001 he became the chaplain of the   formerly West Indies College High School while serving as youth pastor for the University Church. He was the initiator and pastor of the Northern Caribbean University's young adult church.


 In 2003 he accepted a call to serve as pastor in the North Jamaica Mission. He has pastored over 25 congregations through the St Ann’s Bay, Islington,  Duncans and Ocho Rios district of churches. In 2006 he completed a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology with Marriage and Family Therapy emphasis at the Northern Caribbean University.

He was also called to serve as chaplain of the St Ann police marine division.  Pastor Gracia has also lectured at Northern Caribbean University Salem campus Psychology and Theology courses.

Pastor Gracia is known to be a prolific preacher. Through his ministry and crusades he has lead over 1100 souls to the Lord and established new congregations . He cherishes the presence of the Holy Spirit, which has brought a charismatic flavor to his preaching. He has traveled to several countries to be special events speaker such as graduations, youth camps, retreats and camp meetings.


  In 2011 He was conferred Evangelist of the year award and the Centurion award for outstanding evangelistic achievement for the sixth consecutive time by the North Jamaica Conference. Pastor Gracia is passionate about winning souls for the Lord. In April of 2011 God rewarded his efforts with 123 souls in a single district crusade. Pastor Gracia loves the youth and minister to them with distinction, He likes Basketball and Swimming. He is a people servant; He is happily married to Farah Vanessa Sylvain who is an economist and specialist in quality management and also a preacher of the Word. She graduated from Marian University Wisconsin USA.  God has blessed their union with the gift of a son, Nathan Rahfael and a daughter Farael  Abenie. Pastor  Gracia and his family is a dedicated team willing to be used by the Lord.